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PCB design

External member of your hardware design team. Include us in process of hardware design from 0 to 1.

Turnkey PCB manufacturing and assembly 

Outsource your manufacturing and assembly of PCBs. Focus on your core business.

Turnkey IoT hardware design and manufacture

Producer of hardware for wireless communication. Align your solutions with Industry 4.0 requirements.


Speeding up development of IoT solutions through flexible service of PCB design, manufacturing and assembly.

Our services provides the best value for Small and Medium companies because we are oriented for small and prototype series without Minimum Order Quantities. With us they can completely outsource their hardware design and assembling of PCBs or get external member for their designer team which brings new and up to date technical influence. If you are cloud application provider and if you need hardware to collect all neccessary informations from industrial systems, we are one stop shop for such kind of solutions.



Fast and Affordable innovation

We believe that innovation does not have to consume enormous amount of time and money. With our agile organisation and accumulated experience, we strive to provide rapid innovative solutions that are affordable for a company of any size.

Whatever we do is oriented to deliver:

• High quality and reliable services and products,
• Strategic partnership with our clients by adapting to their business models,
• Turnkey solutions for new innovative product development and manufacture.

Our task is to help your business grow by delivering cost-competitive innovation in short time.


Problem we solve:

Many companies are faced with following challenges:

• Lack of domain experience in hardware design,
• Lack of resources,
• Short deadlines for delivering hardware solutions,
• Need for a reliable assembly and testing of PCB boards in smaller series.

We can help companies that need design, manufacturing, testing and distribution of electronics to outsource all of these operations and focus on their core business by delivering turnkey solutions.


Why should you choose us?

• One stop shop
• Flexible
• Fast
• Reliable (compared to Chinese companies)
• Cheaper (compared to West European companies)
• Smart quoting
• No minimum quantity order
• Pre-certification in local lab and certification support which means 4 figure savings for you
• Prototype production




PCB design

PCB design according to customer technical specification. We also offer consulting services and can help you to precisely define the technical requirements. It means that we are capable to transfer know-how, check existing designs and suggest improvements or changes for redesign.

Provided service includes optimization of the PCB design to the target price and production quantity, while making sure that all technical requirements are met and that the used components will be available during the planned lifetime of the product.

We can also handle special requirements related to operating temperature, vibration or harsh operating conditions. Other fields of our expertize are:

• Design of low and ultra low energy consumption PCBs that have to be supplied by bateries,
• Design of PCBs with wireless communication to be used as part of IoT infrastructure.

We are dedicated to long term and strategic partnership in the process of PCB design. You have an idea, let us do the hardware.

Turnkey PCB manufacture and assembly

PCB manufacturing, assembly and testing. We are specialized for prototype and small to medium series without Minimal Order Quantity.

All process of PCB manufacturing and assembling we conduct in two ways: THT soldering and/or SMD (SMT) automated assembly.

Requirements for high-quality PCB assembly lead us to increased use of automation. All small components, such as capacitors, resistors or microcontrollers, are assembled quickly and in large numbers. Zanus uses one SMT line for this high precision purpose.

The most important thing when assembling printed circuit boards is to create visually and technically perfect soldering points. Zanus THT procedures are made to treat the components as gently as possible.

We can also organize packaging, distribution, waranty and post sales support.

You can get a turnkey solution, so you can focus on design and sales.


Turnkey IoT hardware design and manufacture

We offer complete service of development, prototyping, serial manufacture and post sales services of hardware for IoT solutions.

If you have an idea for your IoT product, we can fully adapt to your business model and take care of developing and manufacturing hardware, while you focus on your core (software) business and sales of your solution.

Be ready for Industry 4.0. Pick up right partner to provide you hardware with wireless communication. Let us make brain for your robot or factory controller.

Zanus uses Raspberry pi board and put program download on board by using Linux. On that way you can send datas on cloud and make real time dashboards about, for example, life time of particular component.

Our turnkey process of providing the IoT hardware solution consists of several steps that are well structured. For each step we define clear milestones and deadlines with our customers. This allows them to monitor progress and quality of hardware development.



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