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1. Do you accept the components supplied by customers?

We accept components bought by customers, but the customer takes care of the logistics.


2. How many components are supported by Zanus PCB SMT?

Our pick and place machine can support 60 8mm feeders, 30 12-16mm feeders or 15 24mm feeders. Vibration feeders and IC trays are also supported.


3. What files are required for SMT assembly order?

In order for your board to be assembled, you need to supply centroid files. We can also create the centroid file for you if you supply the Altium PCB project.


4. What are your requirements for the panelized board?

The panelized boards must have 5mm top and bottom break-off edges with holes in all four corners as shown in the picture.


5. Do I need to add fiducial marks myself?

If you supply your design, than you have to add the fiducial mark. The marks should be in three corners of the panel in the position designated on the picture. The fiductial should be 1mm in diameter with 0.5mm of solder mask expansion.


6. Do you offer assembly of boards fabricated by another company?

Yes. You only need to supply the boards and the centroid files.


7. Do you provide with Leaded or Lead free assembly?

Yes. We provide both Leaded and Lead free assembly.


8. Do you support BGA components assembly?

Yes. BGA assembly of chips smaller than 22x22mm is supported.