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IoT hardware development: design and manufacture

We offer complete service of development, prototyping, serial manufacture and post sales services of hardware for IoT solutions.

If you have an idea for your IoT product, we can fully adapt to your business model and take care of developing and manufacturing hardware, while you focus on your core (software) business and sales of your solution. Our turnkey process of providing the IoT hardware solution consists of several steps that are well structured. For each step we define clear milestones and deadlines with our customers. This allows them to monitor progress and quality of hardware development.

Understand the needs

Zanus engineers need to know your specific requirement. We need to understand the application of your device, communication needs, power supply requirements and other special requirements such as limitations related to the possible operationg conditions for your hardware.



After we understand your needs and clearly specify technical requirements, we will evaluate the project, estimate the design period and calculate the cost. The quotation will include two parts, design labor cost and sample manufacturing cost.


PCB Schematic

Defining which parts will be used for the board is the first step in the process of the PCB design. In deciding which components to use, our experienced engineers optimize for cost and planned production qunatities, while making sure that all technical requirements are met and that the selected components will be available during the planned lifetime of the product.


PCB Layout

Based on the shematic, our enginners finalize the PCB layout. In doing this they consider the space, mechanical and environmental limitations. In addition, they consider the requirements related to assembly and testing.


Prototype manufacture and verification

Once the design is finished, we will manufacture several prototypes, test and verify them. In this phase we can assist in low level programming of the board or offer the service of firmware/software development.

Design will be verified and fully tested according to specifications and requirements.


Serial Manufacturing and distribution

Serial manufacture, testing and distribution are activities in which the Zanus team has a lot of resources and experience. You can let us take care of the logistics and manufacture, while maintaining quality control that we agree on. Preparation of the testing infrastructure, conducting tests and producing reports is also part of this service.


Post Sales services

For the hardware already in use, we can organize in waranty support as well as repair/maintenace services.

You have a great idea for your next IoT product? We can help with the hardware.


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